5 Delicious Alternatives in Wedding Food Spreads

So the bride has her dress, the wedding venue is picked out, and now it’s time to hire a caterer. Often the wedding hosts like the option of paying a caterer to for the per plate option. This saves a lot of hassle on some fronts, as each guest chooses chicken or fish, an appetizer, and a dessert option. Then the servers at the reception bring out each course in do time, and that is the end of it. However, sometimes a little creativity in planning wedding food can go a long way!

Here are 5 delicious alternatives to traditional wedding feasts.

1. Order Take-out

This option is just what the doctor ordered to bring some comfort food to the bride and groom. Booking a favorite Chinese or Greek food joint to do a large order that night is a wonderful way to make a tired food tradition more down to earth.

2. Make it a Food Theme Night


Choose your favorite type of cuisine, say Mediterranean, and provide a complete buffet for the guests.

3. Have a Carnival

Everyone loves a visit to the fair, and what better way to shake up a special night than to set up booths with various carnival favorites.

4. Pizza and Beer meets Wine and Chocolate


Have a little fun with the meeting of man and woman by feeding into gender stereotypes. Provide a guys’ night feast of pizza and beer (the ladies will love it too), and then have a girls’ night out on the town inspired wine and chocolate dessert.


5. Bring your own Buffet

Ask guests to bring a dish from a certain category (appetizer, meat, vegetable, or dessert), then have a free for all buffet. This really works best if the couple is on a budget or it is an intimate gathering. The wedding hosts could consider comping all the alcohol as a way to repay the favor.

Wedding feasts do not have to be all about the guests not getting their food at the same time and half the dishes being served cold. It’s supposed to be a fun celebration, so the hosts are allowed to think outside the box. Consider these 5 alternatives to tradition as a sounding board off which to bounce even greater and zanier ideas.