9 Hot Wedding Cake Trends

Over the years, wedding cake trends have evolved from the olden ways of decoration to incorporating new modern trends. These trends are an inspiration of art and colour patterns combined with creativity and designs which people fancy. Nonetheless, traditional wedding cakes are no longer the highlight of wedding cake trends as new trends e.g. metallic, floral, colour drip and geode cakes among other have taken the platform. Outlined below are some of the 9 hottest wedding cake trends;

Geometric cakes


Use of geometric patterns for cake décor is one of the most brilliant ideas for hot wedding cake trend. Use of geometric patterns such as triangles, hexagons, stars among others for cake décor is one of the most brilliant ideas for hot wedding cake trends. They’re generally chic, classy and very bold. However, to pull off on a geometric cake, try simple yet bright colours on the patterns to bring out its best look.



Metallic cakes


Metallic décors are great for wedding cakes. However, it doesn’t need to have a silver or golden vintage style since with metallic cakes there’s room to adapt and match it up to any other style. Alternatively, sprinkle some of the metallic colour décors to give the cake a glamorous and that fresh edgy look and a modern design. The best thing about metallic cakes is that they don’t run out of style and can be applied with various designs for new updated styles.



Floral cakes


Floral cakes have been there for ages but with each new era, there’s always something new accompanying them. Just like the metallic cake, floral cakes can also be enhanced with other décor details and designs giving it a more modern look and at the same time, retain its traditional style. For instance, freshen up a floral cake with hand-painted designs and a sprinkle of shimmer to create a new floral cake trend.



Naked cakes


This is another of the popular wedding cake designs that has been constantly improving from being totally naked to halfway there. Well, most of the brides and grooms have been on the road for naked cakes but on the way, they’re stopped by the fact that it may not coincide with their theme. Well, that shouldn’t be a worry no more since the cake can be partly decorated leaving other parts bare exposing the cake’s flesh.



Marble cakes

Marble designs and decors give an official yet unique taste of style to anything subjected to it. This doesn’t fall short on wedding cakes since the look is one to fall for anytime of the day. The subtle look of marble cakes has become an attraction for most couples more so from the blending of white colour with a darker shades of colour.

Ombre cake


Colour plays an important role in any wedding occasion. Ombre cakes are an incorporation of different shades of a colour i.e. from the darkest shade of a colour to its brightest shade. However you’d like it to be is all up to you depending on what you prefer and your taste. Ombre cakes often have a whimsical style highlighted by the various hues of colour that always play out in providing the best match for your wedding theme.

Geode cake


Geode cake is more or less like a floral cake only that instead of edible flowers, edible rocks and gems are used in collaboration to their respective colours. In a new pop up of stylish wedding cakes, geodes can be used within the cakes body, as decoration factors or as cake toppers. The final product is eye-catching and gives the cake an artful design that is truly amazing.



Monogram cakes

When people think of monogramming wedding cakes, they tie their minds only on the topper. What if the whole cake was monogrammed? Sounds cool, right? Honestly speaking its more than cool, it’s a phenomenal modern look that every cake decorator should go for. Furthermore the designing is suitable for any wedding tone and theme.

Colour drip cakes

The view of chocolate or strawberry or any other colour dripping on the sides of cake is tantalizing and looks very delicious. Often are the times the cakes have been covered with fondant, dirty-iced or just a naked cake with dripping colours on the sides to give it a fresh new look.