The Worst Foods To Serve at a Wedding

A lot of planning and preparation goes into a wedding. It can be fun, but also stressful. There are many details that need to be decided.
One of the biggest challenges is deciding what food options to have at your wedding reception. Some people choose to simply serve finger foods. This is perfectly fine, especially if you are planning a short reception in the middle of the afternoon. Others prefer to serve their guests a fancy dinner. This is appropriate if you have an evening wedding with the reception lasting late into the night.

If you do decide to serve a dinner, what should it be? Or maybe the better question is, what shouldn’t it be?
You want your guests to enjoy a nice meal. Don’t choose something too exotic. Steer away from food like a whole pig. Looking into the eyes of your dinner is not pleasant.
Don’t serve a vegetarian dish only. I believe most people like meat and would expect it with dinner. It may be cheaper for you to exclude meat from the menu but this is just a no, no. Add an inexpensive dinner option such a simple chicken dish.
If steak is on the menu, good luck. This can be cooked many different ways and everyone has a preference. The chances of each persons steak being cooked to their liking is rare. It’s also very expensive to serve this. If you desire a steak dinner, have another option for dinner as well.


Sloppy joes or pizza? No. Just no. Sloppy joes are way too messy and pizza is not appropriate for a wedding reception. Only if it somehow fits into your theme. Otherwise, save these dishes for birthday parties and football games.
If children are welcome at your wedding reception, consider serving a children’s dish such as chicken tenders. Don’t expect the kids to eat what the adults have if its something you know a kid won’t touch.
Seafood is expensive but his definitely a luxury dish. Shrimp or lobster would wow your guests but keep in mind that some people have allergies and others dimly do not like seafood. Offer another option as well or omit this dish altogether.


Don’t serve something very messy. Barbecue ribs or greasy chicken are a disaster waiting to happen. It’s inconvenient as well. These foods take too much time to consume and just imagine the amount of napkins that would need to be available to all of your guests.
I was at a wedding this past summer that served a huge piece of chicken and corn on the cob as the only dinner option. It was delicious but I had to hold my 7 month old baby boy while I ate and that made things interesting. I didn’t eat much.
Of course, not every guest will be holding a child while they eat dinner, but if you keep things simple your guests will have a much better time.
Keep these things in mind when planning your wedding menu. You want your guests to have an unforgettable time on your special day!